Hotel Stories

A couple from Adana has just checked into their room. They are staying in the Escape Cave Suite. The lady calls reception and yells “what kind of a room is it?” The receptionist is puzzled by this question and asks her about the problem. She yells again “the room smells of rocks!” Receptionist reacts calmly, “madam, you are staying in a cave suit don’t you think this is normal?” The lady keeps silent for a while and hangs up. Her husband comes 5 minutes later only to apologize to the reception.

Museum Hotel- Cappadocia


House of Angels looking for the traces of the past... – Cappadocia

A Greek lady has come to visit us on a rainy autumn day. She mentioned that she had arrived to look for her grandfather’s house who had emigrated from Turkey to Greece however could not yet find the house after 5 days of search and was planning of returning to her country the following day. We browsed through faded pages of an old book written by his grandfather who had lived in Ürgüp years from now. We examined old photographs of a rock formation shot near his house. We compared the old Ürgüp pictures and city plan in the archives with her grandfather’s plans of streets which however had changed in the course of time. We picked out the location and went to that place. We thought if we could found the rock we would find the house. After some research, we crowed over finding the rock and the angle of shooting and together opened the door of a house we believed to be the one we were looking for. 

The moment we stepped in the courtyard was a moment to remember. It was the same house in the photographs showing Maria’s grandfather and grandmother. Maria embraced us dissolving into tears and touched each square of the house as in touching her memories from the stories told by her grandfather. We sent Maria with tears in our eyes. She was looking forward to share these unforgettable moments with her family!


We were panicking of finding personnel for reason of opening hotel in the late season. Our day personnel were adequate; however we could not find employees for the night shift. We employed a young boy who worked as an auto mechanic thinking we would tolerate his mistakes. We explained him his duties and the job. It was our duty to educate him about tourism. He was really a genuine boy but was naturally not familiar with the job or professional terms. One day, he picked up the phone before me and conversation had put me in the most awkward position: “No sir, our hotel is full pension. It is fully constructed. It is not half pension!”

Mehmet Çelik

Sardunaki Konak – Alaçatı


''We had quiet a laugh when a foreign guest, unfamiliar of Turkish culture, returned to wash his hands when we poured down water to send him.”

Anatolian Houses - Cappadocia


We were offering an introductory Turkish cuisine course to a Dutch group. Ms. Şükran teaches the tourists how to make ezogelin (ezo- bride soup) soup. Tourists became curious about the story of the soup so I stepped up and made up an unreal story about ezogelin soup...

Once upon a time there was a rich village squire (agha) who cherished his beautiful daughter named Gelin (bride). One day, Gelin meets Ezo, a handsome boy working for agha and they fall in love with each other. Agha expels Ezo from the village however two lovers are burning with their love to each other, and Gelin is taken to bed with her illness. So Agha calls Ezo and says “make me a meal and if I like it, I will give you my daughter”. Ezo does not know how to cook and chooses to make a soup because he thinks it would be easy to make. Agha loves the soup and two lovers reunite. So that was the story of ezogelin soup. On my surprise, Dutch tourists loved the story and the story moved them intensely. As a result we must take a lesson from this tragicomic event. Every presentation must have a story in tourism...

Muzaffer Bayraktar

Hünnap Han – Adatepe – Kazdağları


Our hotel was supposed to be finished by the end of May 2007 before we host our first guest. However the newly painted stairs was not dried yet and the upper floors were not ready. So we checked in our guest to a room in the ground floor. At the end we had such an intimate connection with this guest we ended up preparing the beddings and drapes in the upper floor together and then dined and wined as the night falls...

Sapa Otel – Alaçatı


The funniest moment I recall is about three couples who did not know each other before their stay in our hotel yet left the hotel in tears and pouring water after each other.

Hakan Lale - Lale Lodge


It was a time when Yalıkavak was not popular then. During a crimson red sunset when the night was falling peacefully in Yalıkavak, I and several other guests were tasting some rare wines accompanied by local cheese. We were talking over the wines and listening to classic music. As we were discussing over which cheese to include in the menu, a voice of a woman from the nearby table called to me “Mr. Tosun, I would like a Japanese masseur tonight.” We were just getting over our surprise she called again to say “Chinese would be all right too.” Of course now and then our guests joke about the Japanese masseur and once a Dutch guest said “Mr. Tosun can you please ask her if a Dutch masseur would be all right? Or perhaps from Indonesia? Indonesia was our colony after all. Indonesian or Chinese, what is the difference...” However later on we had learned that a Japanese lady was actually offering sanitary massage service.

Lavanta Otel



Muşmuş, the cat of our neighbor has a special taste for our hotel. It pays a visit to us each day during breakfast time and thinks it is entitled to sneak in the rooms and enjoy itself.

One day Muşmuş evidently sneaked in a couple’s room and enjoyed their chocolates.

So the American snob couple calls the reception to say “I saw my husband looking for the chocolate and saw a cat, lying on my husband’s CASHMERE sweater its face smudged with chocolate. I could not get it up from my husband’s CASHMERE sweater. This isn’t acceptable, what is it doing in our room?”

So we apologized for million times, pretended to scold the cat and send lots of chocolate to their room. Hopefully the CASHMERE sweater was not ruined so we were saved by a chocolate. 




Our dog that joined us on his way to the animal shelter and embarked on endless journeys... A kind, charming Labrador hybrid that frequently falls in love... Recently he seemed sick so Seçil came for a control and he turned out to be as fit as a fiddle. But Dok was reluctant to walk, crying at nights and trying to tell us something in unknown barks. We cooked him the most delicious food to cheer him up but nothing paid off. He had fallen in love again... this time to the neighbor girl...

Alaçat Kır evi - Alaçatı


“At a crowded summer night, about 20-25 tables were dining in the hotel restaurant and eventually most of the tables asked for the check at the same time. A guest in one table gave his credit card to the newly employed bellboy. Our chef asked from the bellboy to bring the wireless pos machine.  Our bellboy is unacquainted with it and perhaps a little hard of hearing, he goes and brings the toaster. Since then during the entire season guests kept on asking for the pos machine from our bellboy.”

4 reasons hotel  - Yalıkavak


I have been involved in tourism sector for 20 years and encountered many funny incidents yet the funniest one I think happened about a French guest 5 years ago. Our guest came to us and said that day was his wife’s birthday and he wanted to order her a surprise cake writing “Happy Birthday Lyne” (his wife’s name). So I called a local pastry shop and ordered a cake and instructed the owner to write “Happy Birthday Lyne”. I spelled the name for him as “Lüleburgaz, Yozgat, Niğde and Edirne”. At night, Mehmet brought me the cake and said that he had a hard time fitting the writing. I was puzzled and opened the package right away. The writing on the cake was “Happy Birthday Lüleburgaz,Yozgat, Niğde and Edirne”.

Kalehan – Selçuk


In August 2001 there was a risk of flood after heavy rain.

Muddy Göksu stream was flowing to the sea. A couple of days later, the sea became all muddy. I was having a conversation with one of our guests on the dock of our hotel and explaining our guest that normally the sea was not in this color but only after the flood became muddy when he had said “don’t laugh but my wife just told me ‘this color must be the reason for the name of the Black sea’”.

Piccolo Mondo - Ağva

The turtle of our hotel, Musty lives in the lush green garden in the summer when one day he met one of our three cats named Boncuk as he was escaping the garden. Our guests told us, when they saw Boncuk patting on the shell of Musty the turtle advising him to go back to the hotel. We laughed and acclaimed Boncuk and once again respected the power of communication in natural life.

Sümer Evleri - Bodrum