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    Oliviera Resort Hotel, Kalem island / Izmir Promotion and Activities

    Evening tops, enjoy the sunset bar state, eat before and after4 dinner conversation and new friendships made the most beautiful establisment with a great atmosphere. 

    Activity on the island of tranguility and pleasure seekers offering a combination of different available alternatives. Beach club accompanied by pleasant music while swimming or in the sand or 3 different platform is also possible to kayak excursions around the island.

    A spectacular island has a wealth of deep – sea submersibles, diving badge TSSF approved single star to a star that three or licensed water sports center, or try diving (Discovery) opportunities are also offered.

     Make navigation around the island for guests who want to swim in the bays of different custom boat tours are organized.

    With a romantic ambience, especially weddings honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, special days such as the preferred meeting and seminars on the island of Kalem Island going through a very enjoyable and productive.

    Kalem Island in particular thee meetings at the company and contines to host top – level executive meetings.

     And inviting guests to a world completely different from the Kalem Island Oliviera Resort guests do not want to leave the summer, the sea and warm sun in the winter with the cozy chats by the fireplace and countinues to conguer hearts.

    EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNTS: If you book your accommodation before 01 June in 2015 the price indicated is up to 20% less. The early booking discount is not applied in the indicated prices yet.

    Aegean Coast Region / İzmir / Dikili
    Hotel is open
    Kalem Island Oliviera Resort is a facility with 29 rooms that you will be fascinated by its aquarium-like sea, palm trees and beautiful foliage.....
    What kind of place? : Small Hotel
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  • Aegean Coast Region / İzmir / Dikili
    Hotel is open
    What kind of place? : Small family run hotel in Dikili İzmir
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