Alternative Places to Visit, Accommodation, Food and Drink Suggestions in Ordu

I am here with alternative travel and food and drink recommendations from Ordu.
🌳 Ordu, one of the most popular cities of the Central Black Sea with its sea tourism, has an increasing tourism potential with its long coastline.
Ordu is one of the most preferred centers of the Black Sea in recent years with its lush forests, plateaus and deep blue sea. There are also opportunities for activities such as plateau tourism, sea tourism and paragliding in Ordu, which has a wide tourism potential.

✏️ Places to Visit in Ordu
When you come to Ordu, you can visit Ordu Museum and Ethnography Museum in the center. You can go to Paşaoğlu Mansion and Taşbaşı Cultural Center. You can see the Kurul Rock Settlement or visit the Old Prison (church).

You can see Yason Cape, a natural and archaeological site. You should see the road carved out of the bedrock and the water cistern. Moreover, this place has recently attracted the attention of not only local but also foreign tourists. 

✏️ You can go to the seaside and plateaus to see the natural beauties of Ordu. You can go to Çambaşı Plateau, Turnasuyu Valley, Asarkaya National Park, Hoynat Island. Take a swim early in the morning at Hoynat Beach, which is as beautiful as the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

✏️ You can see Atik İbrahim Pasha Mosque in Ordu. You can go to Sarmaşık Hot Spring and find health. You can see the Kadılar Slope in Ünye district, known as the place where many kadi in the Ottoman Empire grew up. 

Photo: Ordu Bolaman Castle

✏️ You can visit Bolaman Castle, Gölköy Castle and Ünye Castle. You can visit the beaches of Ordu, which also stands out with its sea tourism. You can enjoy the sea and sun on beaches such as Blue World Beach and Efirli Beach.

✏️ Other places you should definitely visit are Aybastı Perşembe Plateau. The view of the meanders is incredible. You can also stop by Çamaş Canyon on the way to the plateau.
 Çiseli Waterfall, Yeşilce Town, Uzundere Waterfall, Kabakdağ Village are other places to see.
Perşembe Plateau and the burial places of the first Turkish tribe, the Çepni Turks, are also a separate location.

Photo: Çiseli Waterfall - yolcu360blog

-Surf at Çaka Beach in Perşembe, where wave surfing is available. @mellow.turkey, 5 minutes walking distance from the beach, offers surfing lessons for those who want.

Where and what to eat in Ordu?
For breakfast, Fatsali hunkar restaurant in Dolunay has a pleasant pier overlooking the sea.
Also be sure to taste their famous pita bread at their branch in the city center.
In the evening, we recommend Rihtim Lounge in Dolunay for a raki-balk or a pleasant dinner at the foot of the sea.
Try the Black Sea style haslaman made with beef shank at Istasyon fatsa.
Enjoy coffee and chocolate at @kybeleorducikolata, similar to Parisian cafes.
Taste the delicious anchovies at Vonali Celal.

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