Become an Editor

Become an Editor

How does it sound to monetize your hobby while traveling and enjoying it at the same time?

Take the first step now and send us a sample article to share your articles on Small Hotels Blog and become one of our content writers!

How should the article look like?

We don't prefer to write about clichéd spots, restaurants, hotels or experiences that everyone else has written about, traveling all over Turkey and sometimes abroad. We are after experiences and tips that have not been seen or mentioned before, that will make you say wow.Example: You've been somewhere and you can't come back without doing these things, eat this food in this restaurant because ... reasons.... The goal is not to write too long, but to be concise! Not everyone has time to rush around and do this and that during their vacations and travels. Hap information is needed, short short but punchy topics are all we want.

How do we start?

First of all, you write to us at [email protected], "I have a topic I want to write about" and write the topic of the travel or experience you want to write about, not the article! Then we get back to you after we receive your e-mail, maybe we can say that you can color the article a little bit, add some emotion, add some experience here and there, add some humor to your comments. In other words, if it is enjoyable for you to write, then you start to flow in the article over time.

If the article is accepted by us, we ask you for the article and the visuals.

Attention! The images must be yours, otherwise you will be in trouble.

Fee: We pay 100 USD per article for now. We also mention your name in the article. We even share the shortened version of the article on our social media accounts. Our followers are around 650 thousand. We do not write anything other than honest and objective articles, we never share anything we do not like. Responsibility and Trust is our most important feature. We both make the article a story, and we also refer your instagram account in the sharing we do. So it is a mutual win win.

Author Terms and Conditions - Image Submission Rules

The resolution of the image you will upload must be in good resolution and in JPEG format.At least 5 and at most 10 images should be sent.If there is a notification to us within the framework of violation of copyrights for images that do not belong to you, legal action will be taken against you.It should be written on the images in the content where the image belongs.

-Post Character LimitationsThe number of characters you will use in your post should not exceed the limit of 3500 - 5500. Your post should be at least 600 and at most 1000 words. It is enough to send your article in word file.

-Creating Original ContentIf your article is similar to the content of previously published articles, we have the right not to publish this article. The owner of the article is responsible for all visual and text content.

-PaymentWe will ask you to send your Birth Certificate Front / Back Face Image, Name Surname, Address, Bank information to [email protected]. Your payment will be made to you immediately after the article is published.

-Publishing ConditionsYour articles you have sent to us will be checked by our editor and may be shortened, corrected or changed if deemed necessary. All rights to your article, images and photos published on our site belong to